Saturday, July 21, 2012

Plants: Agave Americana, agave, maguey, century plant

This is a big plant! As can be seen in one of the photos of the album. Click on the link shown in the table to view each individual photo.

The agave is held high the life of the US Southwestern Indians, in a similar way the coconut is treated in the Philippines. It is a source of food, drink, medicine, fibers, and even soap! for the native tribes of USA. It was given the name century plant since it takes many years for the agave to flower!

PlantAgave Americana
Common namesAmerican aloe, agave, maguey, century plant
CameraOlympus VG-110
PhotographerDr. Ernesto P. Adorio
AlbumFacebook(EP Adorio)

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