Monday, May 27, 2013

Moon photos,May 27, 2013

The moon still looks alluring to us, even if the full-moon phase is over. It is still bright, and the cloudy sky can give a dramatic impact to moon scenes.

All scenes were photographed in Bacolod City with the Fujifilm HS25EXR camera.No tripod was used. Exposure data are as follows:

  1. 2s, f/5. iso 1600
  2. 1.4s, f/5, iso 1600
  3. 2s, f4, iso 1600
  4. 2s, f/3.6, iso 1600
  5. 2s, f/4.5, iso 1600
  6. 1/5s, f/4 iso 3200
  7. 2s, f/3.6, iso 1600
  8. 1/4.3s, f/5, iso 1600
  9. 1/1.3s, f/5, iso 400
  10. 1/1.4s f/5, iso 400
  11. 1/30s, f/5, iso 100
  12. 1s, f/3.6, iso 1600

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Photos of the moon May 25, 2013

We took photos of the moon up to a few minutes after 12:15 PM, the time of the full moon occurrence.

It is not easy to capture a halo around the moon which can be more than one.
Even the modern multi element lenses produces virtual images due to internal reflections. One should use a tripod, we did but we found it inconvenient to use.Instead we just propped the camera against the wall or posts.

All photos taken with the Fujifilm HS25EXRr camera.

Friday, May 24, 2013

A preening sunbird caught on camera video.

Nearly full moon photos May 24, 2013

Remember this, dear reader, tomorrow will have a full moon!. Good time to practice shooting. To get the moon features, we have to resort to manual mode: Speed: 1/400s speed, 5/f-stop, 100 ISO. For our nightscape we set the camera to EXR mode, D-Range priority and Auto 3200 ISO. All photographs taken with Fujifilm HS25EXR camera.

n1" >

The first image was cropped.

Average prices of Nikon DSLR cameras, May 2013

I made some inquiries and here are some prices quoted for Nikon DSLR cameras from Mall shops. Certainly you should haggle for lower prices.

ModelAvg Price

The D90 is a professional grade camera, but new features are tempting in the entry level cameras.