Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Euphorbia(Pedilanthus) Tithymaloides,luha, luhang dalaga, birdcatus, zigzag plant

This member of the euphorbia genus grows well in the Philippines. I saw it in Quezon City and Pampanga. But I still have to see the red flowers when it blooms. Already the variegated leaves variety is nice to look at, and this plant may be commonly found as hedges.

More photos to come!

Here is a photo of its flower which is rarely seen!

NameEuphorbia(Pedilanthus) Tithymaloides
Common nameLuhang-dalaga, bird cactus,Devil's backbone,
Jew bush, Redbird cactus, Slipper plant, Slipper spurge, Zigzag plant
Locationup BLiss
CameraSamsung WB150F
PhotographerDr. Ernesto P. Adorio
ReferenceStuartXchange; Wikipedia

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