Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Unknown bird, most probably a wagtail, in upland Bgy Lantawan, Silay.

It landed quickly and walked too fast, the long tail is unmistakable. I do not know the type, but someone, b, opined that this might be a yellow wagtail. I cannot recall it has a yellow color, somewhat brownish. I hope to catch one of its type again. Now Filipino kids and their parents should be taught NEVER to use slingshots on living, flying things.


  1. the bird is too far away to provide a 100% identification but the wing pattern and behavior is typical of a wagtail species;
    perhaps this:

  2. Thank you again. The bird was walking too fast for the camera. I was impressed by its long tail. I cannot recall if it had a yellow underbody, it was mostly brown as in the photos.

  3. Thank you. I cannot recall it was yellow color, it was somewhat grayish and had a long tail. Maybe a gray wagtail.

  4. yes doc it's probable... keep taking pictures, it's amazing a lot of people get exposed to nature and wildlife because of photography...