Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lagerstroemia indica Linn., Crepe myrtle, Melendres

This photo was shot by a Facebook friend from her own garden in Australia.

Here is my own photo taken with my Olympus VG-110,last May 28

Here is a white crepe myrtle I saw today, July 21, 2012 at the sidewalk of the soon to be demolished Manila Seedling Bank.

My sister, an artist, has captured the inner beauty of crepe myrtle! Please visit the related links below.

PlantLagerstroemia indica Linn
Common nameMelendres
LocationGladstone, Australia(first photo), Sum-ag, Bacolod City(second photo)
Photographer(s)Susan Estrope Dicker(first photo), Dr. Ernesto Adorio(second photo)
AcknowledgmentC.P. Adorio(generic "myrtle"), Ella Bernales Jacildo(common name Melendres)
Referencestuart xchange
AlbumFacebook 1, Facebook 2 by EP Adorio.
Related linksCes and her dishes

First image owned by Susan Estrope Dicker. Will post additional photos on myrtle (done, 1 photo)!


  1. This is known as Crepe Myrtle here in the US.

    1. Yes, I even read the "myrtle" from one of your blogs. But searching for the actual name proved futile. Ella provided the common name "Melendres".