Sunday, December 30, 2012

Silver dollar aquarium fish

This pet fish has become large! It killed its former smaller companion by simply bumping with its mouth.

Photo taken at Fairfield School with a Samsung WB150F camera, ISO 320, f/7.7, 1/20s,3008x2256.

A rare sighting of the Philippine Pygmy Woodpecker in an urban setting.

This is an unknown small white spotted bird with a long beak. I photographed today,December 30, 2012. Taken with the Samsung WB150F 18x zoom digital camera. Photo taken at Fairfield School compound.

It is strange but am happy to find it in an urban setting. According to the wiki, it is found in subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests and subtropical or tropical moist montane forests! It is currently classified as of Least Concern.

BirdDendrocopos maculatus
Common NamePhilippine Pygmy woodpecker, Anluage(Kapampangan)
Camera Samsung WB150F digital camera
PhotographerDr. Ernesto P. Adorio
AcknowledgementB (for Identification), Daniel Adorio(contrast enhancement)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Variegated Resurrection Lily

Here is a nice variegated specimen of a Kusol,

Plant Kaempferia galanga Linn.
Common name Resurrection lily, Galanga, Dusol, Kusol,Gisol
Photographer Al Jr. Ferrer Claud
Reference Stuart Xchange
AlbumFacebook by Al Claud : Wild

Photograph courtesy of Al Claud. Published with permission.

A cross between blackpepper and betel wrapper vine?

This photo was eye-catching. First I thought it was a princess vine, but Al, my FB friend identified this as Wandering Jew, but mentioned it was called a buyo-buyo.
On second viewing, Al think it is still a buyo but crossed bred, probably with a blackpepper vine.

For more details on "Piper abbreviatum Opiz" or buyo-buyo: Stuart Exchange.

Photograph courtesy of Al Jr. Ferrer Claud, taken with a Samsung ES-110 digital camera. Hosted on Facebook and linked with permission by the owner.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A pretty Dahlia flower

Here are front and back views of a dahlia flower, belonging to the sunflower family.

Kingdom(Plantae), unranked(Angiosperms,Eudicots,Asterids),
Order(Asterales),Family(Asteraceae), Subfamily(Asteroideae), Tribe: (Coreopsideae), Genus(Dahlia Spp)
LocationDon Salvador Benedicto
CameraOlympus VG-110
PhotographerDr. Ernesto P. Adorio
AcknowledgementDr. Lynette Adorio-Arce(common name)
Reference Wikipedia entry
AlbumFacebook: Flowers and a few butterflies, October 28, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Haworthia Fasciata "zebra fasciata"

This plant looks similar to Haworthia Attenuata.

Plant Kingdom(Plantae), Clade(Angiosperms, Monocots),
Order(Asparagales),Family(Xanthorrhoeaceae), Subfamily(Asphodeloideae), Genus(Haworthia Fasciata)
Location QC Memorial Circle
Date December 15, 2012
Camera Samsung WB150-F
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Reference Wikipedia
Album Facebook
AcknowledgmentRuben Antonio Clavel(identification: Haworthia fasciata"zebra haworthia")

Blushing red bromeliads: neoregelia carolinae tricolor

This block of blushing red bromeliads are composed of neorgelia carolinae tricolor.

Kingdom(Plantae,Angiosperms,Monocots,Commelinids), Order(Poales), Family(Broomeliaceae),
Subfamily(Bromelioideae), Genus/Species(Neoregelia carolinae) var tricolor
Camera Samsung WB 150F digital camera
Date December 15, 2012
Photographer Dr. Ernesto P. Adorio
Location QC Memorial Circle
Acknowledgment Prof. Hermie G. Siroy (identification)
Reference Wikipedia

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Agapanthus flower by Susan Dicker

This photo was taken by my Australian based Facebook friend Susan Dicker using a Panasonic S3 compact camera. The clarity obtained by this consumer oriented camera in macro mode is remarkable.

Plant Agapanthus
Location Austalia
Camera Panasonic S3
Photographer Susan Estrope Dicker
Gardener Susan Estrope Dicker
Reference Wikipedia entry
Date posted December 9, 2012

Image owned and copyright by Susan Dicker. Published with her permission in this blog.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Facebook is not showing some of my photos anymore.

We will have to do something about Facebook not displaying photos I uploaded to their photo site. I do not believe I broke any policy since Facebook advertises that you can share photos and that it is FREE for use all the time.

Here is a nasty example about a kataka-taka plant. I am still looking what date the photo posted up.


and I hope I had a backup. It is about Kataka-taka. If Facebook was situated in the Philippines, I can complain real LOUD, but at the moment, the best strategy for me is to simply use other photo hosting services.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Spathoglottis plicata., philippine ground orchid

Here is unusual orchid from the Philippines, which can grow on a plot, rather than as an epiphyte in tree trunks or branches.

Plant, Flower Kingdom(Plantae), Unranked(Angiosperms, Monocots, Order(Asparagales), Family(Orchidaceae),Sub(Epidendroideae), Tribe(Epidendreae), subtribe( Laeliinae), Genus(Spathoglottis plicata)
Common Name Philippine ground orchid, Large purple orchid
Location Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Camera Olympus VG-110
Photographer Ernesto Adorio, PhD.
Reference Wikipedia
Acknowledgment Al Claud (common name)
Plant owner Rebecca Adorio

Monday, December 3, 2012

Pretty Aglaonema fiolage plants, Aglaonema Sp.

I easily mistook this as a colorful calathea, but it is in its own family.

Plant Angiosperms|Monocots/Alismatales/Araceae|Aroideae|Aglaonemateae/Aglaonema Sp.
Location Philcoa Bliss Diliman Quezon City
Camera Samsung WB150F
Photographer Dr. Ernesto P. Adorio
Acknowledgement Ella Bernales Jacildo(species name)
Reference Wiki entry

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Forget me not flowers, plumbago auriculata

It is now a habit for me to visit my sister's school on Sunday for a cup of coffee. Along the way, I pass through teacher's village where home owners have planted near the sidewalks beautiful flowers. Here is one flower which attracted me along my Sunday walk.

Here is a new photo taken at QC Memorial Circle.

It shares the common name (in the Philippines), "Forget-me-not", with other flower plants, a problem with using common names for flowers! This flower is native to South Africa.

Plant/Flower Eudicots|Core eudicots/Caryophyllales/Plumbaginaceae/Plumbago Auriculata
Common Name Forget me not, Plumbago capensis, Blue plumbago, Cape plumbago or Cape leadwort
Location Teacher's Village, Diliman, Quezon City
Camera Samsung WB150F digital camera(1st photo),Fujifilm HS25ER(2nd photo)
PhotographerDr. Ernesto P. Adorio
Reference Wikipedia entry,
Acknowledgement Al Claud (common name), Dr. Romana de los Reyes(scientific name)

Click this for a wikipedia entry for Forget-me-not flower (Mysotis family)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Amazon lily with crown

I thought these were sweet scented camia, but they are actually Amazon Lilies, with white flowers and a crown with a subtle greenish tinge. They grow in Australia, Metro Manila and Bago City, Negros Occidental. The plant produces four plowers in a long flower stem or umbel and each flower has six petals.

Amazingly, they are not closely related to the true lily family!

Plant/Flower Angiosperms/Monocots/Asparagales/Amaryllidaceae|Amaryllidoideae/Eucharis grandiflora
Common Name Amazon Lily
Location Philcoa, QC, Metro Manila
Camera Samsung WB 150F Digital Camera
Photographer Dr. Ernesto P. Adorio
References wikipedia entry

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camera Price listings for November 2012

The prices are the ones currently displayed (November) in SM malls. Shop wisely around, you may get better bargains online, but you can test cameras in these shops.

Canon EOS MEF-M 22mm STM+ EF-M18-55mm STM + 90EX;P47,998
Canon EOS MEF-M 22mm STM+ EF Mount AdaptorP40, 998
Canon EOS MEF-M18-55mm STM BLACKP35,998
Canon EOS 1D Mark IV 16.1 Megapixels, APS-H CMOS sensor, DIGIC 4 Image processor (free 156GbCF card P249,950 (body only)
Canon EOS 1DX 18.1 Megapixels, Full Frame CMOS sensor, DIGIC 5+ Image processor (free 156GbCF card P319, 998(body only)

Canon EOS M Kits have 18 Megapixel APS_C CMOS Sensor; Digic 5 Image Processor; 3.0" Touch Screen LCD; Full HD Video Recording and Playback; Hybrid CMOS AF; EOS System compatible; and ISO range 100-6400 (H: 356000)

This post subject to frequent future editing!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dwarf pineapple bromeliad, ananas nanus

Plant/bromeliad Ananas Nanus
Common name Dwarf pineapple

Location Fairfield School,Bgy. Central,Quezon City
Camera Samsung WB150F
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio>/td>
Acknowledgment Ella Bernales Jacildo (common name)
Reference Wikipedia entry

Image courtesy of Dr. Ernesto Adorio

Passiflora Vitifolia, a beautiful Perfumed Passion flower!

I saw this vine flower growing near my sister's school in Mabuhay Street. I immediately guessed that it is a relative of the passion flower but I cannot find similar images in the net. Finally a friend recognized it as a passion flower variety a native to Central and South America. The fruit of the plant is also edible!

Plant/Flower Angiosperms|Eudicots|Rosids/Malpighiales/Passifloraceae/Passiflora vitifolia
Common Names Perfumed Passionflower, Grape-leaved Passion Fruit, Vine-Leaf Passion
Flower, Crimson Passionflower
Location Bgy. Central, Quezon City
Camera Samsung WB150F
Photographer Dr. Ernesto P. Adorio
Acknowledgment Dinah Canada (species name)
Reference Wikipedia

Image courtesy of Dr. Ernesto Adorio.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fairy tale photo of Houston, Texas

Here is a photo from my sister arist Ces of a Texas city under a foggy day. The scene looks like it comes out from a fairy tale!

Image courtesy of Cecila Court. Published with permission.

Taken with a cellphone camera. Most probably an Iphone.

November 21, 2012-Ces wrote it is the city of Houston not Austin. Thanks for the correction!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finally, a spare battery for my Olympus VG-110 camera.

As luck would have it, I finally was able to get a spare lithium battery for my reliable VG-110 camera at SM ANNEX in SM City, Q.C. today! The price was a stunning P610, way below the official battery sold at P1,960 pesos in other camera shops!

You may be able to get one, I wanted to buy two at Battery channel, 5th floor. I will visit it again to see if there is another one available. The Battery Channel even gives a three months warranty for the sold battery.

I am satisfied with the quality so far.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

A blood red periwinkle. cataranthus roseus

I thought it was a new flower, because of its bloody red color. but it is our familiar vinca (madagascar periwinkle flower!).

Please visit our periwinkle post: Pink catharanthus roseus

Photographed by Dr. Ernesto P. Adorio with an Olympus VG-110 camera in Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

Plant: tillandsia cyanea, air plant

Here is an attractive bromeliad, member of the genus tillandsia, or airplants. It has an attractive pink or red inflorescence with blue-violet flowers. It can be grown on the ground or planted hanging. This specimen was photographed in the mountains of Salvador Benedicto.

Salvador Benedicto, Neg. Occ., Philippines
PlantAngiosperms|Monocots|Commelinids/Poales/Bromeliaceae-Tillandsioideae/ Tillandsia-Phytarrhiza/Tillandsia cyanea
Common namesPink quill
CameraOlympus VG-110
PhotographerDr. Ernesto P. Adorio

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here is a canna lily with relatively small flowers. I think the green balls make it up for the small flowers.

Photographed with a VG-110 Olympus Camera.

Trees: Madre de cacao, gliricidia sepium

Unfortunate that the soil in DSB in my sister's farm is acidic! But madre de cacao is a legume tree which thrives in acidic soild and is useful to prevent soil erosion!

The following photos of flowering madre-de-cacaos are from Patag,Silay.

The following photos were taken at Salvador Benedicto.

I havent seen them (Salvador Benedicto specimens) flower, but I hope to photograph that when that happens.

Plant Plantae/Angiosperms|Eudicots|Rosids/Fabales/Fabaceae/Gliricidia sepium
Common name Kakawate, madre de cacao,St. Vincent plum
Location Negros Occidental, Philippines
Camera Nokia C3 camera phone
Photographer Dr. Ernesto P. Adorio
Reference wikipedia,

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Impatiens, a lucky orange-white hybrid

Here is a nice impatience flower, white with a orange splash. It probably is a a crossbred and the result is very nice to look at!

Plant Ericales/Balsaminaceae/Impatiens wallerana
Common name Impatiens
Location Negros Occidental, Philippines
Camera Nokia C3, 2 Meg phone camera
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Reference Wikipedia

plant: calanus cajan, kadyos or pigeon pea

Plant Fabales/Fabaceae/Cajanus cajan
Common name Kadyos, kalios, pigeon pea
Location Negros Occidental, Philippines
camera Olympus VG-110
Photographer Dr. Ernesto P. Adorio
Reference wikipedia,

Canlaon City's famous Lunok Millenium tree

We visited Canlaon City pride: a very old fig or Lunok (balete) tree located in OISCA farms. The tree has no aerial roots.

The Millenium tree has been dated by Silliman University botanists to be 1328 years old!

I need to rotate the photo: the ground is not horizontal! Will fix this later.

August 12, 2013. Here is a result obtained from Shotwell straighten tool.

Hair plant, Moses beard, Spanish moss, tillandsia usnoedis

Plant Poales/Bromeliaceae/Tillandsia(Diaphoranthema) usneoides
Common name Moses beard, long moss, Spanish moss, hair or air plant, Old Man's beard, Moses beard, buhok ni Ester
Location Australia
Camera Panasonic Lumix S3
Photographer Susan Estrope Dicker
Reference Wikipedia,

Image owned by Susan Estrope Dicker. Published with permission in this blog.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Two loving Australian Galah birds.

From our australian friend, here is an "amusing" and "touching" photo caught by Susan near her house with her Panasonic camera.

Bird Psittaciformes/Cacatuoidea-Cacatuidae-Cacatuinae-Cacatuini/Eolophus roseicapilla
Common Name Rose breasted Australian Cockatoo
Location Australia
Camera Panasonic Lumix S3
Photographer Susan Estrope Dicker
Album Facebook

Image owned by Susan Estrope Dicker. Published with persmission.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Plant: Chinese croton, Excoecaria Cochinchinensi

This is an attractive plant for its fiolage, the undersides of the leaves being deep maroon colored with topsides of the leaves a dark green color or variegated.

PlantExcoecaria Cochinchinensi
Common NameBlindness tree, Chinese croton
CameraOlympus VG-110
PhotographerDr. Ernesto Adorio

Plant : firestorm hedge, acalypha godseffiana

Above is a cropped image of S.E. Dicker's original photo.

The name above is my best guess, the second choice is a variety of Excoecaria Cochinchinensi.

Name acalypha godseffiana
Common name firestorm, copperleaf, beefsteak, Fire dragon, Jacobs coat,
Location Australia
Camera Panasonic Lumix S3
Photographer Susan E. Dicker

Image owned and copyright by Susan Estrope Dicker, published with permission.

Plant: Equisitum Arvense, horse tail, scouring rush, snake grass

I call this false bamboo immediately, but my gardener sis calls it snake grass.

Name Equisitum Arvense
Common Name horse tail, scouring rush, snake grass
Camera Olympus VG-110
Location Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Gardener Rebecca Adorio
Acknowledgement Rebecca Adorio(snake grass common name)
Reference Stuart Xchange,
Album Facebook

I am surprised the photos in Wikipedia and Stuart Xchange do not match! I wonder if there is a misidentification, but we choose Stuartxhange since it is Philippine based reference.

white-peach camia, Hedychium philippinense var.

This camia variety differs from the common white Hedychium coronarium in its peach color. The flower scent is subtle, not as strong as the white variety. I photographed this fine camia specimen in my sister's decorative garden.

Name Zingiberales/Zingiberaceae/Hedychium coronarium|philipense
Common Name Camia, philippine garland
Camera Olympus VG-110
Location Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Acknowledgment Rebecca Adorio(garden), Dr. Romana de los Reyes(common name)
Album Facebook

Flower: Clerondendrum incisum, "musical note" flower

I saw this plant at my sister's decorative garden. The flowers are shaped like musical notes and that is the common name. It was heartwarming for me to hear that my sis told me that our late mother has this planted long time ago.

Name Verbenaceae/Clerondendrum Incisum,
Rotheca incisa | Family: Lamiaceae |Clerodendrum macrosiphon/td>
Common name Do-Re-Mi Flower, Musical Note Plant, Morning Kiss, Witches Tongue, Macrosiphon
Camera Olympus VG-110
Location Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Album Facebook
Acknowledgement Rebecca Adorio(common name)

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Here is one photo from my album taken before I went home to Bacolod for needed rest and recreation.

Plant Asterales/Asteraceae-Asteroideae/(tribe)Heliantheae/Zinnia
Location U.P. College of Mass Communication, Diliman, Quezon City.
Camera Samsung WB150F
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Reference wikipedia
Album Facebook

climbing dayflower vine, Commelina difusa

These "weedlike" plants have beautiful blue colored flowers!

I read this plant is fed to pigs in the Philippines. In China it is used as a dye for painting, but in New Guinea, the young leaf tips are eaten!(See wikipedia).

Plant Commelinales/Commelinaceae-Commelinoideae/Commelina difusa
Common Name pig weed, climbing or creeping dayflower
Location Australia
Camera Panasonic Lumix S3
Photographer Susan Estrope Dicker
Reference Stuart Xchange,

Photo owned and copyright by Susan E. Dicker, published in this blog with permission.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Rangoon creeper , quisqualis indica

Plant Myrtales/Combretaceae/Quisqualis Indica
Common Names niyog-niyogan, Rangoon creeper,(yesterday, today and tomorrow), Chinese honeysuckle.
Location Australia
camera Panasonic Lumix S3
Photographer Susan Estrope Dicker
Reference sturtxchange

Photograph owned and copyright by Susan Estrope Dicker, published with permission in this blog.

Annato, achuete: a source of natural food colors!

I remember my late mother and my sisters used to pry open the fruits and pry the seeds of this plant back home in Sum-ag, Bacolod in the olden times, and she used the seeds in cooking. So I was puzzed by the familiarity of the fruits, but seeing the flowers felt the first time again.

Here is a specimen from Diliman, Quezon City. When I came back to Bacolod, I saw more than one annato shrub along the highway to DSB town, in Negros Occidental high up in the mountains.

Plant Biloxi Orellana
Common name Annato, achuete
Location Besides CHED, CP Garcia St, Diliman, Quezon City
Camera Samsung WB150F
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Reference Wikipedia,
Stuart Exchange
Album Facebook album by Dr. Ernesto Adorio

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tree, Acacia Auriculiformis

I dont exactly know what species of acacia is this, but I love the flowers and wanted to post this photo to remind me of the scientific name someday. Someone gave the initial guess as Acacia melanoxylon, but I am guessing now it is a Acacia holocericea by comparing the leaves in the second reference. Will revise this post later.

This tree has found plenty of uses: tanning, source tree for wood and charcoal, and as a medicinal analgesic.

Plant, Tree Angiosperms|Eudicots|Rosids/Fabales/Fabaceae/Acacia Auriculiformis
Common Name Acacia
Location Philcoa
Camera Samsung WB150F
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Reference Wikipedia:Acacia Acacias
Acknowledgment gcy of PNPCI(identification as an acacia.)

Note: November 28, 2012. We have revised the ID of this acacia. The photo at Wikipedia Acacia Auriculiformis is the best match so far.

Scadoxus(Haemanthus) multiflorus, blood lily

It seems like an alien plant to first timers who see it and they look like corals transferred to land. This plant is native to Africa and belongs to the Amaryllis family.

Our specimen plant has late stage bloom flowers. I can see the green seeds forming already.

Plant Asparagales/Amaryllidaceae-Amaryllidoideae/Scadoxus Multiflorus
Common NameBlood lily, powder-puff lily, African blood lily, fire-ball lily, and football lily
Location Bacolod City, Negros Occdental
Camera Olympus VG-110
PhotographerDr. Ernesto Adorio