Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tree: Tambuyog, Ficus Nota, a tree in swampy area.

Here is a tree I first found in Bocal-Bocal Springs in upper Alangilan, Bacolod City with unusual berries growing in its trunk (not on branches! Somebody tasted it when he was young and it is tasteless and odorous.

When you see this plant, you can see it is near a source of water, thus it is found in swamps, riverbanks, etc.

I am still looking for its scientific name or even the English common name.
Good News[September 22, 2012]! it is ficus nota or "tibig" and is a native tree of the Philippines. Hooray!

PlantFicus Nota
Common NameTambuyog, Tibig
LocationKaitulari Resort(first photo), Bocal bocal (second photo)
CameraCanon S2 IS (first photo), Olympus VG-110 (second photo)
PhotographerLarry Geronca (first photo), Dr. Ernesto Adorio (2nd photo)
AcknowledgmentPhilippine Native Plants Conservation Society, Inc.(Identification as Ficus Nota)

First Image owned by Larry Geronca, published in this blog with permission.

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