Friday, August 10, 2012

Cameras: Samsung WB100 superzoom 26X camera. A bargain at 9,990 pesos!

I went to visit SM North or SM City in Quezon City,today August 11, 2012, and was surprised with the new cameras on display/sale. One particular camera caught my attention: the newest member of the wide body series for Samsung (my brother bought the WB150F for 12,9999 pesos) selling for an incredible price of Phil. 9,990 pesos!

The 26x zooming range is a real comeon, imagine competing to shoot nature photos, like faraway birds with professionals with their bulky and heavy dslr and extra heavy zoom lens. The WB100 user may be able to shoot more respectable photos than professionals in a day!

here is a photo of the Samsung WB100 with a red body.

Here are some public specs from published sources.

Zoom lens26x, 40-104mm [f1.31-f5.39mm], 22.3mm
Power4-AA batteries
Sensor16 Megapixels
Movie720HD 30fps
Special featuresDual image stabilizer, 3D photo capture, live panorama
Image toolsSmart filter, Magic Frame, Split shot modes
Display size3"

Specs to be continued....

The suggested retail price in the US is about 200 dollars. Converting roughly to pesos using 41.7 pesos/dollar, this amounts to 8340 pesos, which is not bad if you buy it here. Shipping charges and customs may shoot up the price to more than 10K pesos.

I still do not have the urgent need to buy this immediately, but the WB100 is NOT pocketable. It has no EVF (Eyelevel View Finder), not unusual since this is an entry level superzoom camera.

My first experience with Samsung camera products was not good. My first ST-30 which I bought for less than 5,000 gave up less than a year after its teflon seals unraveled, perhaps to intrusion of moisture. Yet I made a lot of photos with it and it had some advanced features! I had to buy my current Olympus VG-110 which is much sturdy and is still functioning now.

Further reading: WB100 official page

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