Saturday, August 18, 2012

Common Water Hyacinth (Eichornia crassipes) , beautiful but can be an environmental pest.

You can view this plant as a good indicator of environmental pollution. Fertilizer run-off from farms feed into waterways, causing massive blooms of water hyacinths, thereby clogging lake and rivers, choking fish, and providing a host for unhealthy worms! Dried hyacinths make good weaving materials but alas, they left alone the hyacinths to create a future environmental disaster in inland water bodies!

The flowers can be beautiful. Here is one photo by my sister Rebecca taken at the Ruins in Talisay.

PlantEichornia Crassipes
Commonn nameWater hyacinth
LocationThe Ruins, TalisayM/td>
PhotographerRebecca Adorio

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