Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A native(?) flower, the camia: hedychium coronarium

I have not smelled any other flower as sweet scented as these native flowers. I shot these specimens at Patag, Silay yesterday May 8,2013 with my HS25EXR camera. This camia is alittle differents as it has black stamens.

Note: wikipedia claims that these flowers are originally from the Himalayas!

See also the blog post about the related peach camia.

Plant/Flower Hedychium philippinense K. Schum)
Common name Philippine garland, White ginger, camia,butterfly lily, butterfly ginger, Mariposa blanca
Location Patag, Silay
Camera Fujifilm HS25EXR camera
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Date May 8, 2013
Reference Hedychium Coronarium

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