Saturday, May 4, 2013

Raw photoastronomy with the HS25EXR camera. Night 2

Here are two guides how to take night sky photos.


As the articles state, you need
  1. a digital camera with manual controls.
  2. tripod for steady shooting on long exposure times.
  3. a dark place with few ambient light sources.
We think we have fulfilled the first and second requirements. The third requirement might be difficult with streetlamps on community posts spilling light on the camera.

The sensor on the HS25EXR is not sufficiently effective. We cannot see on the LCD display screen the stars which our eyes see with no trouble. we cannot easily align the camera to a particular star! Our second night is a Failure. but we shall keep trying.

Manual focusing is difficult with the HS25EXR camera. We shall simply set the cam to f/2.8.

All right, Here is our plan: Take a series of 5 images of the same sky with same camera settings: ISO 1600 or higher, f/2.8(1.0x setting), 2 seconds exposure each. Afterwards, stack the images with the GIMP software.

For instructions using the GIMP software, please visit

We hope we sill succeed in the following weeks!

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