Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trees: Madre de cacao, gliricidia sepium

Unfortunate that the soil in DSB in my sister's farm is acidic! But madre de cacao is a legume tree which thrives in acidic soild and is useful to prevent soil erosion!

The following photos of flowering madre-de-cacaos are from Patag,Silay.

The following photos were taken at Salvador Benedicto.

I havent seen them (Salvador Benedicto specimens) flower, but I hope to photograph that when that happens.

Plant Plantae/Angiosperms|Eudicots|Rosids/Fabales/Fabaceae/Gliricidia sepium
Common name Kakawate, madre de cacao,St. Vincent plum
Location Negros Occidental, Philippines
Camera Nokia C3 camera phone
Photographer Dr. Ernesto P. Adorio
Reference wikipedia,

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