Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tree, Acacia Auriculiformis

I dont exactly know what species of acacia is this, but I love the flowers and wanted to post this photo to remind me of the scientific name someday. Someone gave the initial guess as Acacia melanoxylon, but I am guessing now it is a Acacia holocericea by comparing the leaves in the second reference. Will revise this post later.

This tree has found plenty of uses: tanning, source tree for wood and charcoal, and as a medicinal analgesic.

Plant, Tree Angiosperms|Eudicots|Rosids/Fabales/Fabaceae/Acacia Auriculiformis
Common Name Acacia
Location Philcoa
Camera Samsung WB150F
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Reference Wikipedia:Acacia Acacias
Acknowledgment gcy of PNPCI(identification as an acacia.)

Note: November 28, 2012. We have revised the ID of this acacia. The photo at Wikipedia Acacia Auriculiformis is the best match so far.

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