Friday, October 19, 2012

Annato, achuete: a source of natural food colors!

I remember my late mother and my sisters used to pry open the fruits and pry the seeds of this plant back home in Sum-ag, Bacolod in the olden times, and she used the seeds in cooking. So I was puzzed by the familiarity of the fruits, but seeing the flowers felt the first time again.

Here is a specimen from Diliman, Quezon City. When I came back to Bacolod, I saw more than one annato shrub along the highway to DSB town, in Negros Occidental high up in the mountains.

Plant Biloxi Orellana
Common name Annato, achuete
Location Besides CHED, CP Garcia St, Diliman, Quezon City
Camera Samsung WB150F
Photographer Dr. Ernesto Adorio
Reference Wikipedia,
Stuart Exchange
Album Facebook album by Dr. Ernesto Adorio

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