Monday, December 19, 2011

Flowers, Hibiscus

I am revising this article with photos uploaded to blogger. We call them Tapulanga back home and I think they are the most common flowers anywhere in the Philippines due to their variety.

This one is in my sister's Fairfield School (a special education school for children)

Here are some double hibiscus from UP Institute of Biology grounds. We are looking for the flower photos formerly hosted in Facebook!

Found it!

Here is a higher resolution image saved in facebook.

The Pua Pua Aloalo, yellow hibiscus, is Hawaii's state flower. Here are photos of a yellowish hibiscus in Fairfield School:

We will crop later the last image.

The variety of colors are amazing. Here is a photo from our Australian Facebook friend:

(c) Adorio Digital Images Library
(c) Susan Estrope Dicker (last image)

Photographer: Dr. Ernesto P. Adorio, Susan Estrope Dicker(last photo)
Camera: Olympus VG-110
Thanks: Dr. Mercedes Adorio, Dr. Augusto Hermosilla, Dr. Lynette Adorio, Hermie Siroy, Ella Jacildo.

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