Thursday, February 9, 2012

A sad chapter for Kodak corporation

Just got this from my Facebook wall. Kodak will get out of the digital camera, picture frames and video cameras market! Sad times have visited one of the most dynamic companies in the era of photographic films, paper and chemicals and consumer cameras. The sadness is heavy for Kodak since the digital camera was even invented at Kodak! As usual people are responsible, and management may be to blame, but Japanese companies camera manufacturer are still going strong such as Canon Nikon. Here is the announcment from Facebook:

Kodak plans to phase out of the market for dedicated capture devices – digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames – during 2012 to focus its Consumer Business on desktop inkjet, online and retail-based printing – areas that offer the most significant opportunities for profitable growth. Kodak will continue to offer camera accessories and batteries, which are universally compatible with other brands.
We appreciate you choosing Kodak products. Please be assured that we will continue to honor all warranties, and provide technical support and service for our cameras, pocket video cameras and frames.

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