Monday, January 27, 2014

Egrets at Candaba which is starting to look like one big rice paddy.

I visited candaba last Sunday January 6, 2014. The whole place does not look like a wilderness, instead the place was full of hectares and hectares of rice fields, duck-raising ponds and fishponds full of water lilies. There is even a big highway being constructed in which according to some connects Candaba to Bulacan. Nevertheless, here is a photo of migrating egrets caught on our Canon SX50HS.

I do not think the birds would like to stay in Candaba, which does not look wetlands anymore. It should have been declared a wilderness a long time ago. But with population pressures, politics and mismanagement of natural resources, Candaba as a migratory bird capital is the most laughable description of the wetlands.

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