Friday, February 28, 2014

F-18 fighter plane

It can fly so fast but my Canon SX50HS was able to capture it. But as usual with photos of fast fighter jets, I had to crop the image.

I have doubt that the Philippines can afford and operate this complex fighter aircraft.
Here is an excerpt from the Wiki article about the Vought F-8:

However the local US Military Mission doubted the government's ability to afford these fighters, and assessed the Philippine Air Force as incapable of operating and maintaining complex aircraft. In addition, due to the LEVELS of CORRUPTION corruption that existed in the country at the time the Americans had doubts on their ally's ability to properly secure technologically sensitive spare parts and related equipment. Therefore, as a compromise, the Philippine government was offered (and subsequently purchased) 35 secondhand U.S. Navy F-8Hs that were stored at Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona in late 1977.

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